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Part Nerd Brands focuses on natural, quality, well-formulated products designed to help us live healthier.

When our bodies reach a well-balanced state within our endogenous systems this is the simple definition of homeostasisHeralding in Homeostasis Living for as many as we can, Part Nerd Brands is thankful you are here to see what we’re so excited about.

Pains, stresses, and inflammations (PSI) cause most of us to seek relief almost daily.  Too long we’ve been stuck thinking our choices are either to get high (often illegally) or take opioids (while risking both addiction and challenging side effects), potentially ruining our ability to enjoy the wonders of the world we’ve been blessed to live within.

To avoid those two options many turn to synthetic relief from aspirin, inflammation reducers, and moreover the counter options (mixing and taking enough to risk side-effects). We know this because this was our life (for over two decades Gary’s was far worse, more on his story in other pages).

Understanding phytonutrients and phytocannabinoids are helping bring to market excellent new products designed to aid in balancing our endogenous systems we all have, even our pets.

The medical and scientific community’s excellent research and testing for the past 25 years prove the 1992 discovery of our 12th system, our Endocannabinoid System, is the most important discovery in our lifetime.

We are a family who has benefited from these types of products and wants to help ensure you learn what we’ve learned and have access to a premium quality you can trust in any relief or supplement items you choose to use.

We will be sharing more of this wonderful discovery throughout your visit to our website.  Feel free to click on products, review the scientific research, read our thoughts, and join us on the best journey we’ve ever been on.

We hope you’ll visit often, feel the benefits from our carefully crafted brands helping naturally reduce daily PSI, and join us in enjoying inner peace through health ~ truly homeostasis living.

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